Jorge Fernandez from Mexico - representant CONAFOR - Head of Planning and Evaluation. One of the debaters in Oslo Redd Exchange conference held in Oslo 14.-15. June. 

Oslo REDD Exchange 2016

It can't anylonger be "they" and "us" if we want to stop the destruction of tropical forets. Civil society, indigenous peoples, the private sector, and politicians must work together to stop deforestation in 2030.  511 participants from 47 countries attended Oslo Redd Exchange. 


The rainforest is home to approximately 60 million indigenous people. Climate changes reduces opportunities for their communities and their territories are exposed to illegal logging and mining. From the perspective of the indigenous people the topic is not only about deforestation, but an important issue of indigenous rights to their land. It is worth nothing that the Sami Parliaments were not invited to this important conference. The Norwegian government was behind this conference whick Norad arranged.


Indigenous Business Development in Canada


Max Skudra  - Director, Research and Government Relations

Max has a background in Human Rights, business development and finance.

Jean Paul (JP) Gladu is currently the President and CEO of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) based in Toronto.


Max and JP had breakfast seminar in Oslo at the Canadian Embassy, the topic was indigenous business and why they have great success. At the same time i had the possibility to have information about the Sami people.


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Lunch-meeting at
the Embassy of Chile


The Embassy of Chile invited us for lunch meeting. We were talking about Sami community, with information about the Sami Parliament, Sami institutions as NRK Sápmi, the Sami College, museums ... The Embassy had an information about indigenous peoples of Chile and their situation.

The Embassy of Chile in Oslo invited us to an unformal lunch-meeting. Here with the embassy staff and the Embassy of Chile Jose Miguel Cruz (grey suit).



We work with the children and youth festival: "Språk- og kulturfestivalen". Every year the promote an unique festival  with different cultures on one stage - the colours of the world. In this festival we normally have an information stand about the sami people - wich is well attended.   

The culture visibility


Our main purpose is to make sami culture visible to the world. We can implement sami actors when needed.

Our cultural stand on Akerbrygge / Oslo june 2016. The stand were located very central on the festival ground. Norwegian- and foreignvisitors visited our stand and received a lot of information about the sami culture.