About us

Samiland to the World  is a voluntary organization and our main purpose is to highlight the Sami culture to the world. We worked with language and cultural festival (Språk- og kulturfestivalen) on several occasions. We work independently with projects and also in collaboration with others. Since we are a volunteer organization are we dependened on sponsorship funds.

The map shows Samiland.


We are dependent on sponsored funds - we are very pleased for all fundings we can receive to implement our projects. We are planning new purposes - and new colloborations. We would be happy for your fundings and don't hesitate to contact us.

All sponsors will receive feedback on projects via email.

Our cultural stand on Akerbrygge / Oslo june 2016. The stand were located very central on the festival ground. Norwegian- and foreignvisitors visited our stand and received a lot of information about the sami culture.